Holiday Cheer

It's December 22nd and nearly every blog I've read this week has written about their favourite songs, albums, remixes for 2009. Reading and skimming through top ten's I find that people are very biased to what they currently like and forget about albums that were real popular 11 months ago. I also can't figure out where some of these writers come up with their reviews. In a top 10 is it ok to mention something released over a year ago but that took 8 months to catch on? Case and point is the Friendly Fires, I can't believe I can't find these guys on any top 10 lists this year, they absolutely killed it in Europe and the album is amazing with lots of pop rock dance energy from top to bottom. Their self titled album came out in the fall of 2008 but was re-released this year in 2009 and didn't catch on till this year so what gives? I've read some pretty ridiculously dull top 10 lists where their album fit the genre but was left out and replaced with some real lousy material.

So this has encouraged me to not try to create any formal top ten list and maybe just give a shout out and a thank those artists who have given my ears great listening pleasure this year. Maybe I'll also give a shout out to who I'm excited about for 2010.

2009 Props go out to Friendly Fires, this guy's album of the year in this bloggers opinion, if you haven't listened to it you really should.

Extended props to a French rock band called Phoenix. Only helping me prove my case that the best things are French.

Duck Sauce aka Armand Van Helden & A Trak, 2009 was huge for these two, so excited to see what they are going to do in 2010. Not sure it can get much better than what these two have collaborated on already though.

Calvin Harris, you are filthy. Thank you for your singles and remixes.

Fake Blood, our blood types are not compatible so please don't get sick and die because I won't be able to give you some of mine to save your life. Keep up the good work, I know a couple Canadians who can't stop saying MARS and think you are the best.

Looking forward to what Daft Punk & LCD Soundsystem are going to drop in 2010, could be huge or could be a bust. Hopefully JUSTICE has something cooking, France will need some strong representation in 2010 and I hope it doesn't come in the form of David Guetta featuring Akon.

You may have never of heard of Swick from Australia and Ou Es Le Swimming Pool from the UK, but these two are hopefully going to do something in 2010, they have sort of gone missing since they dropped huge bangers a couple months ago, must be working on something big.

Deadmau5, thank you for creating a hit song that can be mixed and mashed with just about anything called Ghosts & Stuff. I don't really care for your work otherwise, but others see some deliciousness in your work so I'll just go along with it.

Grum, Don Diablo, Bloody Beetroots, Crookers, Chewey Chocolate Cookies, Justice, Uffie, DJ Mehdi, Laidback Luke, Chromeo, Miike Snow, all artists from France and the others I'm forgetting to mention, thank you for your contribution of sound in 2009, best of luck in 2010.


I can't think of a tune to go with this list and didn't want to play favourites so I'll post some new tunes later.