I was late for prom

So I've had a bit of a crazy week, two snow storms landed here with very warm spring like days in between. I had the longest day at work on Monday and came home feeling like I needed to do something different to cheer me up so I decided to build in Igloo in my backyard with my girlfriend.  The igloo was glorious till the next day when the temperature shot up to about 4 degrees and it started to melt but still stood tall.  Friday afternoon another storm landed and I had a couple friends over to watch some olympics in the igloo but we couldn't all fit so we decided to build an extension onto the first igloo to be able to put some chairs in and hang out and watch olympics without having to lay all over each other.  5 hours later we had completed construction of phase 2.  

February went by so quick, lots of parties, drinking, snowboarding, working, dancing, fort building, renovating.  My newest accomplishment was being added to the DMCA's watch list and several of my blog posts we were removed for copyright reasons.  So I'm not sure how I'm going to proceed to post my remixes, maybe simply not include a track listing or maybe making it so that you can only listen and remove the download links.  They didn't give me much details on what the infringement was, it could have been the photo's on the post and not the music  but that is highly unlikely.  The Alex Metric remix of the new Gorillaz single and my own EBOUGE mix was taken down.  I've put them back up but without the music for now.  

For now here is my latest mix which I really love.  I'm starting to put more effects and loops in my transitions but I'm still not comfortable with playing with cue points and mashing tracks on the fly. I'm dedicating this mix to a great retro prom night I went to a couple weeks ago where I was dressed in some stylish retro gear with some good friends.