Mashy Masherson's Pick of the Week

I don't think I've posted a real good mashup in a while, so here is a mash that has stood out above others in this bloggers opinion.  People generally love'em or hate'em when it comes to mashups, for me it really just depends on the mash.  2manydj's the pioneers of the mashing industry are what got me hooked on mashups.  They opened the door for an industry of DJ's who just sit on a computer trying to make two very unlikely songs mash together perfectly.  Jay Z acapella's are generally some of the easiest to mash, and can fit into nearly any genre.  This particular mash is perfection as far as rock hip hop mashes go and is by far my favorite mash since I saw a GNR vs Bethoven that 2manydj's put together in a live set.

I'm also looking at a different embedded player for my blog that allows me to use more than 4 colours but I can't find anything simple enough that works.  I wanted to find something IPhone playable but it doesn't seem to be working out.  The colours were also getting boring and the lack of volume control sucks.  So I'm going to sample out some different players over the next couple weeks and see if I can find something that works a little better.  Not that I dislike the player I'm using because up until now its the best web embedded player I've found.  

Jimi Hendrix vs Jay-Z