Riva Starr, you on fire

Riva Starr has got to be the hottest (hot as in awesome and not really really good looking not that he isn't a decent looking guy) house music DJ/Producer on the planet at the moment.  My first taste of Riva Starr was a song I blogged about a while back called "I Was Drunk", at the time it was an instant classic but not very dance floor friendly in my opinion.  He recently jumped into the mainstream when he recently remixed Usher's new single which on paper sounds a totally lame track but in reality is a one of the best main stream top 40 remixes I've heard in a real long time.  His LP "If Life Give You Lemons, Make Lemondande" is an instant house classic, along with dozens of other remixes he has put out over the last two years.  He also appears to have one of the busiest tour schedules I've scene for a house Dj this summer, his passport better have a lot of empty pages for all those stamps.  I may have to drive to Montreal to catch him at Piknic Electronik in early September, I know it's 5 months away but planning ahead is always advised otherwise you end up sleeping in a ditch nearly freezing to death.

usher-omg(riva remix).mp3

04 Joga Bola (Riva Starr Rechunk).mp3">
04 Joga Bola (Riva Starr Rechunk).mp3