Bare Back Jack

Sorry for missing a couple days of blog posts, I've been tired from working some overtime at the 9-5 and didn't feel inspired from any of my new material the last couple days.  I did however feel inspired on the weekend to go out and find a PS3 Guitar Hero guitar that I could then map to Traktor Scratch.  I originally went out wanting to find some used Technic 1200's but had to settle for a plastic guitar.   It is has worked out pretty awesome though, I can now dj from my couch with a wireless guitar.  I'm not quite comfortable with it yet, but have it mapping/setting upto 5 queue points for each deck, sync button, the slide bar is the volume fader and the ability to scroll songs and assign them to decks.  Really it is just a fancy remote control for traktor.  I don't even own a PS3 or enjoy playing guitar hero, that is what makes this awesome for me.  I can't wait for a friend to be over and be like let's play guitar hero, and I'll be like lets not and mix tracks. 

Moving on, here is a more recent discovery I've made.  Keeping it Frech House/Disco styles  Bobby Analog just dropped his Bare Back Jack EP, I'm excited to pick this up just for the tittle.  I've heard a bit of his older work and a teaser from the new EP and this EP has all the right elements for awesomeness. 

Bobby Analog - Boppin

Bobby Analog -I Want You(Leonardus Remix)

Go Habs! 


PS. Here is a little playoff math I've done.  Habs attendance capacity 21 273.  Regular Season Hockey ticket price: $57.  6 Home games without concession sales or tv deals pay out $7, 275, 366.  Maybe stretching series out 7 games isn't so bad.