Congratulations + Banger Post

I would like to congratulate my Brother and Sister in law for calling me today to give me the news that  she is preggers and that I'm going to be an uncle, how crazy is that!!!!!!  I'm really looking forward to my 1/4 French 1/4 American 1/4 Canadian 1/4 Asian nephew/niece who will most likely be born in the UK.  I am also secretly hoping they stay in London long enough for the kid to develop a solid British accent.  Congratulations Sebastien & Connie, we are all so very excited for you.

Now for what we are all here for, this track may or may not be a summer club anthem but it will most definitely get a lot of play and attention in the following weeks.  Last summer I tried to convince my friends that Lys Feat Mooli - San Francisco Rain  was going to be a massive club banger because Pete Tong was backing it along with the fact that it was an outstanding track.  It got a lot of play for a couple weeks and died as fast as it rose very rarely to be heard again.  When I heard this track on Dancing Astronaut right away I thought of San Francisco Rain for some reason.  Either way have a listen and make your own conclusions, as to how good it is and if you will find yourself dancing in space.

Dirty South - Phazing-feat.-Rudy-Original-Mix.

LYS ft. Mooli - San Francisco Rain