Dear Bar & Club Owners

Dear Bar/Club/Lounge Owners,

Please stop depressing your DJ's by asking them to play Top 40, they hate playing it and are going to all go mental if this continues.   I went out last night in Guelph and hit up a couple joints and everywhere we went with the exception of NV (fabulous lounge/martini bar) every place was playing top 40.  It was ridiculous, I'm not sure why bar owners think they need to play top 40 to get a crowd out.  The average person doesn't really care what they are listening too, as long as it is dance music mostly because they are bat shit drunk.  Discovering and listening to new tunes while talking and chilling with your friends is so much more fun, and will give your bar/club an edge over all the other shitty bars playing top 40.  People come out for the atmosphere and the dancing, you can create such a better atmosphere in your joint if you get back to the idea that people are out catching a show and not another ipod shuffle playlist recording. Maybe you can even charge a little more on the cover, have 2-3 seperate DJ's/Producers play 2-3 hour sets.  Put a little show back into the evening for fukk sakes, we can all stay home and turn on Much Music/MTV or energy 108 and listen to that shit.  If you play it they will come, this concepts works in the rest of the world, why is North America so lame this way?

Haven't had much time to discover some new tracks this week, working some overtime this weekend and moving my sister but need not worry, I have a little something you probably haven't heard yet that may make you bop your head.  First off a great tech house track that is only out on vinyl at the moment, I'll be sure to pick this up once/if it drops on beatport.

Forever walking (clip) by HomePark

Anyone who knows me probably knows that I have a massive addiction for everything Fake Blood.  He is coming to Mod Club Sept 3rd, be there as it will be awesome evening.  Here is a great remix to celebrate 1 000 000 hits on youtube for the original mix.  Tommy Sunshine killed this remix disco banger disco styles.   I think I like, I think I like, I think I like  

Fake Blood - I think I like it (Tommy Sunshine Remix)

Solo took a great track and made it better, my speakers thank you.

Mowgli And Tara McDonald - Can't stop singing (Solo Remix)

Have a great weekend kids!