Mowgli!!! We Should Bang Tonight

Can you say massive?  We Should Bang Tonight EP coming soon via Mowgli (Only a Preview of four different mixes for now) on Deadfish Records.  I was going to wait till tomorrow to post this but I couldn't help myself and wanted to get this out tonight in case I don't get time tomorrow or I die in a freak lighting storm.  This EP is ridonculously dirty and will be my new late night party anthem.  I always slightly worry that I might offend someone when I play tracks like Le Le's - Breakfast or Mowgli's - We Should Bang Tonight but then I have a couple of drinks and my censor button generally disappears.  Get on this Deadfish Records release, it's a keeper
DFEP17 - ZDS feat. SPOEK - We Should Bang Tonight E.p.-128 by DeadFish audio