MIA - The Message - Krusha - Remix

If you don't like this MIA remix we can't be friends.  Let's be serious, we were probably never going to be friends even though it would be pretty cool if we were.  Krusha's latest remix is another work of art, I hope all of you out there are taking notice.  Mad Descent is showing him some love, you should to.
MIA - The Message (KRUSHA Remix) by krusha

I'm enjoying a nice day off from work, maybe a trip into the city (Toronto) later today followed by a couple drinks and trying my best to stay out of trouble.  I probably won't try very hard and trouble will find me.  I've been wanting to put another mix together  for a week or so now, so I sat down this morning with a coffee and a pair of broken headphones that don't fit right and put a little mix together for my enjoyment.  I feel it worthy enough of some webspace, so I've upload it to SoundCloud for you.  Have a listen, enjoy yourself. Maybe leave work early today, or give a stranger a high five. Track listing in in the info section on SoundCloud

Calou - Fall Showers Mix by Calou