The Bears Are Back In Town

The 2 Bears!!!! Curious Nature Remixes EP is out.  I'm going to have to add The 2 Bears to my list of live acts I really wanna check out in 2011.  They are way more on the chill side of things, but have a very groovy sound that is perfect for any lounge/house set.   On a different note the weatherman called to tell me the snow is coming.  The goal will be to have a small igloo techno party this year.  I feel like some good bass in an igloo would be awesome.  We would include a dj booth, and some room for a couple people to dance and fist pump, and maybe a bar again.  You can check out pictures from last years Igloo here.  It melted way to quickly last year after all the work that went in.  Updates will follow.    

The 2 Bears: Church (Midland Remix) by Southern Fried Records

The 2 Bears: Work It Out ( DJ Sneak Remix) by Southern Fried Records
The 2 Bears: The Lunatics (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix) by Southern Fried Records