Someone should bring Gesaffelstein to Miami if he isn't coming already for ultra week.  For those of you who don't know this man, get used to this name as he is kind of a big deal.  I feel like he is good addition to my list of French people who reinforce the idea that "French People Do It Better".  I'm kinda surprised that this is coming out on Turbo as he just had an EP out on Turbo, but I guess when it works why fix it.  

As for something totally unrelated, I feel sometimes like I've lost my French house vibe from a year ago.   I felt like I may have just misplaced it but it magically reappeared last week.  I heard this Ridney, Ghosts & Phantom collaboration a couple days ago that felt really good and today I discovered a track like this and it all comes rushing back.  If you were going to join a club, I feel like a Flamingo one would be pretty solid add.  

club flamingo - nobody by mozzarellarecordings