High Powered Boys

How would you say "When it rains, it pours" but in a good way?  I'm not sure but I don know today it is pouring some serious beats.  High Powered Boys EP dropped a preview on the Sound Pellegrino SoundCloud page.  Make sure you buy this and support these guys when it drops on March 14th.  For those of you who have never heard of the High Powered Boys, it is a collaboration between Surkin & Bobmo, two very young producers with an EP that will for sure be in a lot of peoples top 10's at the end of this year.  I'm kind of curious if they go by the name of High Powered Boys because they only producer when they are high, and it gives them super human producing abilities?

HIGH POWERED BOYS — Udon by soundpellegrino

HIGH POWERED BOYS — Work by soundpellegrino

HIGH POWERED BOYS — Udon (Julio Bashmore sax-dub) by soundpellegrino

HIGH POWERED BOYS — Work (Tom Trago) by soundpellegrino