March 23rd

In Miami for Ultra Week?  I was planning on going but something came up and I might not be able to make it :(  I wasn't really planning on attending the festival for more than a day anyways, probably the Sunday night to catch The Chemical Brothers but I waited too long to buy tickets and this wasn't the best call.  Last year I was getting some pretty offers for my tickets.  Will see what happens but I'll definitely tell you where you want to be starting with Wednesday March 23rd.  Free Mixmag beach party, Riva Starr, Busy P, Mehdi, Danny Tenaglia, Felix & many more.  Not sure you would want to pass up that lineup up.  But don't tire yourself out because the day is just starting.  Sound Pellegrino + Discobelle lineup is borderline insanity.  This will be the best Wednesday night party in 2011. French Fries, Bart B, Canblaster, Harvard Bass, Savage Skulls, Meati & Meech, Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team, Lol Boys and  a couple more.  If anyone intends on attending these two events, you may need to follow it up with a rest day on Thursday.

Oh and here is some music for your listening pleasure. 

A1 Bassline - Shock Headed (t.u.r004) by A1 BASSLINE

Martin Dawson & Glimpse 'Lola' Crosstown Rebels by Martin Dawson

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Household Goods (Justin Martin instrumental remix) by T-E-E-D

Chris James - Habanera (Anabatic) by Chris James