Smooth Bounce

Ready for another assortment of great music? Of course you are.  Last week I bought a proper pair of studio monitors and built a studio and I must say that I really appreciate music so much more with the new setup.  Things just sound so crisp, I can't believe it sometimes.  This Mic Newman interpretation of "Got To Give It Up" is my smooth tune of the day as it is mega smoooooooth.  After that all you are going to get is some big bass.  I was listening to the Sound Pellegrino podcast this morning and there was this exclusive sweet unreleased Jean Nipon remix that is going to be big so that prompted me to go check out some of his other work.  I am really into this dolphins track he did, just the right amount of bass with a good bounce to it.  

Got To Give It Up - M.N Interpretation [100 DLs] by Mic Newman

dolphins by jean-nipon

Maxime Dangles is the next producer to drop a BNR Trax Release.  A little different then other BNR releases but different is good in my mind.  Good Job was my favourite of the two track EP out soon.  

Good Job (BNR Trax 08) by maxime dangles

If you like Canblaster, here is a little treat, a two hour set recorded at a show in russia not so long ago.  This set is filled with big bass, show some respect and listen to it on a proper stereo with a sub for full effect.  

Canblaster @ Solyanka Moscow live mix 5.03.11 by Solyanka Moscow