Boom Soul

Are you wondering why Dillon Francis is moving side to side in an animated gif?  Because he is cool as Fukk, that's why.  If you are a local cat, check him out at The Social in Toronto tomorrow night, it is going to go offffffffff.  If your not a cat, you can still come.  As for something else that is cool as Fukk check out Nick Monaco's Boom Soul EP.  The preview is super cool and the EP has some amazing remixes from Ardalan, ManarĂ©, Poupon, Meati & Meech and Femme En Fourrure.    

Emailing Tijuana (Original Mix) by Nick Monaco

Soooooooooo Deep, love it!
Boom Soul (Manaré Remix) by Nick Monaco

Couple other chuuuuuunes that made me feel good today.
Chanson De Jean (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) by Monkey Safari

Le Petit Belge & Le Cheval - Block (Preview) by Le Petit Belge &Le Cheval

brokeNdjs - Land On My Feet (Tranter Remix) by Tranter