The Third Dimension

What a great long weekend here in Southwestern Ontario.  Weather is great, everyone is in a super good mood and plenty of great music to go around.  Here are a couple tracks I really wish I had in 320 before the rapture takes us all away around 6pm.  'Adzuki Beans' stands out as the best thing I've heard today.  I'm not sure that means very much to anyone but it means a lot to me. 'The Highest Grade EP' is also a real solid preview, with great groove.  If the rapture takes place tonight the High Powered Boys are gonna be upset they didn't release this sooner.  Lucky for them, if it's the case they won't be around to complain about it.  Great radio rip from BBC show, so excited for Crash.  

ESC070 Nikola Gala - PAM by Nikola Gala

JU029 : Jeff Doubleu & Skitzofrenix - Highest Grade EP by Jack Union

High Powered Boys - Crash (Radio RIP) by Trackliszt


Adzuki Beans [Clip] by HaHaHa

Kopps, an American Electro Duo was nice enough to drop me a line introducing their new free release called 'Machine' available here.  This is a little outside the box from what I normally listen to, but the vocals were pretty sweet and the production value was decent.  Wish these guys the best of luck with their future projects.  
KOPPS - Machine by KOPPS