This just in: Research shows that 108 beats per minute is the optimal pace to fukk to.  Dillon Francis you are a genius. 

I don't think that Moombahton is going to get much better than what I experienced last night @ The Social,  Sloooooooooooowed went off.  I  only caught half of Torro Torro's set that was pretty spectacular, the highlight being an unreleased track with a vocal sample that goes "This Ain't No Country Club".  Brilliant!  Dillon Francis put on a bass clinic.  If you haven't heard of this guy, crawl out from under the rock you live under and get with the program.  Spectacular show, look forward to doing that again someday.  I posted this Toddla T remix a while ago, it stood out a little but after hearing it proper last night it is at the top of my list today.   
Toddla T - 'Take It Back' (Dillon Francis Remix) by toddla_t

On another note Midnight Munchies have a sweet compilation coming out to celebrate their 10th release called "Legal Highs" .  There are some pretty big producers that got in on this: Kill Frenzy, Polydor, Le Petit Belge & Le Cheval, Euphorie and Get Nuts,Hatiras, Lee Mortimer, Tony Senghore, Rubix & The Flexican, Jean Nipon, Bongo and Lorcan Mak.  

Jean Nipon - Rosso by midnightmunchies

I'm super exhausted so I am going to crawl back to my couch now.