Ballon Rouge

When I was a kid I really thought I was the kid in "Le Ballon Rouge".  That is all I have to say about that.  I've been pretty bad this week at keeping up with the joneses, but this post will make for it, something for everyone here.  My latest Canada day mix, a compilation of what I've been listening too this month with a couple older tracks and it is probably one of the catchiest mixes I've put together for quite some time now, you will love it.  Then I've got a lot of new material with my favorite being this Round Table Knights remix of this 'It's A Bubble' track.  A couple disco/filter house tracks from Go Go Bizkitt & Kamei.  A great remix of Breakbot's 'Fantasy' slowed down a notch and a couple more stellar tracks for your weekend listening.  For you Canadian kids out there, have a great long weekend.  I'm supposedly going fishing today but I don't have a rod so I'm going to have to use the skills Mr. Miyagi taught me.  
Calou - July 2011 Mix (Canada Day Mix) by Calou

Beni - It's A Bubble (Round Table Knights Remix) by Round Table Knights

Lovin You (July 2011) by Go Go Bizkitt!

BREAKBOT feat. Ruckazoid "FANTASY" (VIDEO VILLAGE remix) by edbangerrecords

Biboulakis Featuring Nina Zeitlin - If Only Alarm Bells Didnt Ring (David Jones Remix) by davidjonesdj

The Next Lightning by lucaskamei

Kill Frenzy - Pain Train (Nick Monaco's Throw Momma From The Train Remix) by Nick Monaco

Supabeatz - Run Together (Botnek Edit) / free download on www.keithandsupabeatz.com by Supabeatz