Neon Dreams

I was reading a couple other reviews of this album before listening to it in full and I can't help but think that I got a secret amazing copy that they didn't get, f'n twits.  L-Vis 1990 co-founder of the the one and only Night Slugs label has his first proper album out this week and it's a real doozy.  It has a more pop-e / chill vibe to it that isn't a representation of what the Night Slugs label is all about.  If you're looking for Bok Bok / Jam City / Girl Unit type sound you aren't going to find it here.  Instead you're going to get a mix of luscious spacey instrumentals with really good builds with raw breakdowns and a some pop house music.  'Cruisin' & 'Here With You' are probably two of my favorite instrumentals if you don't include the title track Neon Dreams with a vocal sample at the end to close out the album with a sci-fi feel.

Javon McCarthy's vocals are a big part of what give this album a pop feel and make a good album great.  His appearance on 'Forever You',  'Lost in Love' & 'One More Day' are really stand out as some of the best tracks.  One last track that really deserves a mention is 'Tonight', something about the simple pop lyrics with a great spacey vibe really does it for me.  

This is a much different sound than what a typical fan of the label would be expecting and most fans would probably be disappointed if they were expecting uk funky bass step.  Just from a first listen I think this has a chance be placed next to Daft Punk's 'Discovery' on the shelf.  

Not too many previews out there but they will be sure to come.  Go out and buy it instead you won't be disappointed   

Forever you (Produced by L-vis 1990)

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