Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Why did it take me so long to discover Filtertypen's After Laughter?  What a great use of that sample, very very cool.  Diary, when is Dr Gonzo coming?  Everyone is waiting impatiently.  Thank Sam Tiba for a preview of his remix.  Thanks for another great day on this earth Diary. Till next time.

After Laughter by Filtertÿpen

Dr. Gonzo - Bust Dem Up (Sam Tiba Remix) - PREVIEW by samtiba

Shinichi Osawa Feat. Tommie Sunshine – Love Will Guide You [played by Pete Tong on Radio 1] by tommiesunshine




Try asking someone to spell Albuquerque and see how that goes.  Couple older tracks that I never got around to posting.  Both of these have really good energy, just like me.   

Bass Kleph - Oh Yeah[Original Mix]

Calcium by Das Glow


Modern Times

I wish I could get a print of this picture in 5x8 foot size for my living room.  It would be pretty priceless for when I have guests over.  On a musical note I came across this cool track with Teki Latex's best Madonna impersonation.  To be totally truthful maybe it isn't his best, really it's the only one I've ever heard.  Come off a free compilation over at the truants blog, follow the link if you want a free download.  Prince Club re-issued " know", which is a real fun track to play and also available in a free download.  This Down To Love remix might be a lot of fun for lounge/martin bar dj's, I'm super into it anyways.  For you tech/tribal guys check out this Matteo DiMarr track if you haven't already, trust me you'll like it.  Have a wicked day out there!

LOL Boys & Teki Latex - Modern by LOL Boys
Free Download Here but if you can help by donating to their with Libya & Region Appeal fundraiser please do.

I Know (2011 Snatch! Re-Issue) - Prince Club by Prince Club
Free download Here

Hot Toddy - Down To Love (Yella Finesse Dub Edit) by Yella Finesse

Tronno - Matteo DiMarr by MatteoDiMarr



Full House

Took a weekend off and went on a bit of a road trip with the boys. 900km's of road and all I learned is that a flock of owls is called a parliament and that John Candy is still dead. Time to get back to real to business.

Play It Down is back with a great release from Oliver$! I was really into Oliver$'s "I Hope" Ep from last year, if you haven't checked that out you should. This "Doin' Ya Thang" is definitely in the "Good Shit" category. Check out the preview and that statement will make more sense.
Oliver $_Doin´ Ya Thang by oliverdollar

Wish this had a release date.
Aloe Blacc - I need a dollar - zinc rmx - clip by zinc

New Preview from Tensnake! Scheduled June 3rd release, probably some solid remixes to accompany this.
You Know I Know It (prelisten) by Tensnake

Love Bites - Morning Glory (Deep Space Orchestra Remix) - Scenic Tones by Deep Space Orchestra

Swick - Flick It Up EP is coming on Top Billin!
Flick It Up by TOP BILLIN

Be Stupid by TOP BILLIN

For the French/disco/filter House fan in you, from an upcoming Kamei EP on Stardust
Kamei - Le Révolutionnaire (Geisha Twins Breakin Remix) (Preview) by Geisha Twins

And to top off this post, why not jump on the Justice bandwagon. Not sure how well this single will go over with fans. I think it is out on iTunes today.
Civilization by The Beat Juice



Big Guns

Oddly enough Ultraweek probably isn't the biggest festival this weekend.  There is a weapons festival in the middle east that's been pretty happening this week.  You can check out all the latest technology in guns, missiles, jets, etc.  Maybe pick up a couple samples to bring home for the kids, first 500 people get a free door crasher.  I'm outski for the weekendski. Have agood partyski peopleski's.  

SOLO- I Want you by mrsolo

Ryskee: Horrors Of Love (Mr Oizo Remix) by Southern Fried Records

DJ Ayres - Flashing Lights Theme by T&ARecords



Who Missed The Ark?

Couple tracks to get your Thursday started.  Riva Starr and Pete Tong put together a little mini mix with some pretty chilln tunes.  I hadn't heard Perculator in a while and that made me smile.  Funkin Matt is rolling right along right with another solid party production.  I'm still really into a remix he did for Twist it!  If you like this track check that out and help him find the monkey.  Egon was nice enough to drop me a line yesterday with a remix he do for Budo.  The track is pretty good drum n bass vocal mix.  I'm not a huge drum n bass guy, but this sounded super cool with a descent stereo.  Your laptop speakers may not forgive you if you listen to it with crappy pc speakers.  Do yourself a favour and listen to it properly.

Pete Tong & Riva Starr - Future Underground by Defected Records

Funkin Matt - Love by funkinmatt

Budo-The One (Egon Brainparts of Bossasaurus Remix) by Bossasaurus



Sounds From My Computer

My latest mix for March 2011 is here and you can listen to it online or download it off SoundCloud.  If you don't like it or even listen to it that's ok too, we can still be friends.  If you want the track listing drop me a line.

Calou - Sounds From My Computer by Calou

Download Here.



I can't get enough of this EP that is out today.   Probably the best Snatch release yet, so many bump'n tracks to choose from.  

SNATCH013 BDAY 02. Brighter Days (John Made Remix) - Cajmere Snatch013 (96kbps snippet) by SnatchRecords

SNATCH013 BDAY 01. The Street (Original Mix) - Homework Snatch013 (96kbps snippet) by SnatchRecords

SNATCH013 BDAY 05. Yoko Mono (Original Mix) - Acid Jacks Snatch013 (96kbps snippet) by SnatchRecords



These Mornings

I was listening to Zombie Disco Squads latest mix this morning and it truly made me regret not going to catch them at The Social last month.  It would have been a glorious night that never was.  This mix is super well put together, take a gander it will sound good.  The only thing that kinda bugged me in the mix was listening to Pill Collins way faster than it normally sounds but they made up for it by following it up schoooodly with Homeworks latest unreleased work.  These Mornings is the best track in the mix, very very schmooooood.   

Bass Kleph & Filthy Rich - These Mornings (Azuli Records) by filthy rich

Munnibrotherz -Moon Chon Chay - ZDS remix 128 kps SC edit by Zombie Disco Squad

Stefano Noferini - I Want You Original by STEFANO NOFERINI

Brain Drain Mix by Zombie Disco Squad



Happiest Sheep In The World

Ubber long day at work, one more day then I'm on vacation from my day job which means way more time to listen to music, mix & produce.  Really dig Swick's latest remix, his productions get better and better.  The Acid Jacks remix is also pretty cool, not a bad preview before their Snatch release comes out in a couple weeks. I got a chance to listen to my favorite Canadian producers/djs Prince Club's latest mix on my drive home from work and it was bump'n.   Trust me, if you haven't heard of these guys you should listen to it and check out their releases.

Girl - Nine Tales (Swick & Gerry) by swick

MADJAZZ - Jack Move (Acid Jacks "Moovbahton" Remix) preview by Acid Jacks

Stars on 45 'Stars on 45' (Dave Spoon & Hatiras mix) 2011 by Dave Spoon

Prince Club Snatch! Mix For Scrunch Radio (Italia) by Prince Club




New SebastiAn EP is out on April 4th, and album comes out May 1st.  Not really sure how I feel about this track yet but it does have a very Ed Banger feel to it.   I learned a couple dance moves from this video, you should do the same. 

SebastiAn - Embody by edbangerrecords




Snatch's 1st Birthday Bash EP 013 is out on March 23rd.  I look back at the releases put on Snatch for  2010/11 and it is super impressive.  Every single release was super solid, and mega ups for releasing a Prince Club EP.  Those guys are doing some crazy things with sound right now, fukking love it.  This release will not disappoint. 

FEDERICO MILANI & PIRUPA - La Noche (96k cut) - out on 23rd March! by Federico Milani


Pigeons & Cocaina

Not sure if there is a scheduled release for "The Flip" from Starks & Nacey but I assume they can't clear the samples.  T&A has gotten my full attention lately, I suggest you also tune in. They featured a Dillon Francis remix a while ago and he just dropped the sickest EP of the week.  If you only buy one thing this month I would suggest The Westside EP.  I really like the last track on this minimix, sooooooooo goooooood.  Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Starks & Nacey - The Flip by T&ARecords

Dillon Francis-Westside! EP Minimix by maddecent



R.I.P. Institubes

So today marked the end of one of my favorite record labels Institubes.  The press release about the labels end is a really good read about the electronic music biz and the transformation.  Check it out here, this really good read.   Technology is really changing the game, it will be really interesting to see where things are in 10 years.  I predict less record labels and artists dealing with distribution directly instead of having to hide behind a name.  

With Institubes being gone a few of of favorite producers have decided to start their own label.  Surkin, Bobmo & Para One have founded Marble Records and are going to take the world by storm.  They already have a bunch of material ready for release and it's gonna be huuuuuuuuuuuge.  

Here is a mini mix just to give you an idea of what we can expect over the next couple months and it sounds fukkkk'n gooooooood.  The first EP from the Marble collective will be called "Marble Anthem" and has been stuck in my head for about a week now.   

Introducing Marble by Marble Music

Ok, so in other news R.I.P. Nate Dogg. Just one question though, what the fukk did you mean when you said "the rhythm is the bass and the bass is the treble"? I don't get it, how is the bass the treble?  I guess we will never know.  I saw that on twitter the other day and it made me laugh a bit.  Here are a couple other tunes that made me feel good today.

Cool 90's Edit;
The Bucketheads - The Bomb (dBerrie Remix) by davidberrie

Midnight Munichies.. Booom!
Lorcan Mak - Acid House (Get Nuts Remix) by midnightmunchies

Jacques Greene - Tell Me (Kingdom Edit) by HighPlainDrifta

Have a wicked nice evening.




Someone should bring Gesaffelstein to Miami if he isn't coming already for ultra week.  For those of you who don't know this man, get used to this name as he is kind of a big deal.  I feel like he is good addition to my list of French people who reinforce the idea that "French People Do It Better".  I'm kinda surprised that this is coming out on Turbo as he just had an EP out on Turbo, but I guess when it works why fix it.  

As for something totally unrelated, I feel sometimes like I've lost my French house vibe from a year ago.   I felt like I may have just misplaced it but it magically reappeared last week.  I heard this Ridney, Ghosts & Phantom collaboration a couple days ago that felt really good and today I discovered a track like this and it all comes rushing back.  If you were going to join a club, I feel like a Flamingo one would be pretty solid add.  

club flamingo - nobody by mozzarellarecordings




After a long day at the office nothing like a little chilled out French Fries.  I Really enjoyed listening to this weeks FACT mix 229 from French Fries.  Really wishing I had French Fries & Bambounou – Hugz in 320 right now, this is gonna be huge. Mix was a very chilling with a bit of a bounce. I tend to rate a mix by how many "I Wish I Had That's" or "What the Fukk Was That" in a mix, the more the better.  This one was filled with them. A couple youtube drops below from what I'm talking about and here is a link to the mix if you want to download it.  



10 Rapid

This 10 Rapid Mix is pretty sweet with a couple unreleased previews that will make you move.  My two fav tracks recently released: Tai's Big Bass Drum remix courtesy of Bart B More and something from Boys Noize Records Super Acid compilation.

Late Night Mix by 10 Rapid

TAI - Big Bass Drum (Bart-B-More-remix)

Harvard Bass, Noob, Djedjotronic, Brodinski - Extreme Compote by harvardbass

...and something totally different that I stumbled on that is slightly more Sundayesque.

jamie xx - far nearer



La La Land

Thank you to all my friends for a great Birthday party last night, shit was off the hook.  And special F. U.  to the asshole who stole my girlfriends purse with her cell phone and wallet in it last night, thanks for ruining her evening.  Why do people do these things?  Haven't had much time to go through my inbox so only one edit to share.  Tommie Sunshine, your remixes are chocolate to my ears.

Green Velvet - La La Land [Tommie Sunshine & Kassiano Vocal Remix] *UNRELEASED* by tommiesunshine



Pinky & The Brain

New EP from Zombie Disco Squad coming at you real soon on Made To Play.

Pinky - sound cloud edit and low bit rate sample by ZDS

The Brain - Sound Cloud edit - low bit rate by ZDS



March 23rd

In Miami for Ultra Week?  I was planning on going but something came up and I might not be able to make it :(  I wasn't really planning on attending the festival for more than a day anyways, probably the Sunday night to catch The Chemical Brothers but I waited too long to buy tickets and this wasn't the best call.  Last year I was getting some pretty offers for my tickets.  Will see what happens but I'll definitely tell you where you want to be starting with Wednesday March 23rd.  Free Mixmag beach party, Riva Starr, Busy P, Mehdi, Danny Tenaglia, Felix & many more.  Not sure you would want to pass up that lineup up.  But don't tire yourself out because the day is just starting.  Sound Pellegrino + Discobelle lineup is borderline insanity.  This will be the best Wednesday night party in 2011. French Fries, Bart B, Canblaster, Harvard Bass, Savage Skulls, Meati & Meech, Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team, Lol Boys and  a couple more.  If anyone intends on attending these two events, you may need to follow it up with a rest day on Thursday.

Oh and here is some music for your listening pleasure. 

A1 Bassline - Shock Headed (t.u.r004) by A1 BASSLINE

Martin Dawson & Glimpse 'Lola' Crosstown Rebels by Martin Dawson

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Household Goods (Justin Martin instrumental remix) by T-E-E-D

Chris James - Habanera (Anabatic) by Chris James


Heaven And Hell

Luca Lozano has something very chilled he would like to share with the world.  I can't decide if I like the title track better than Got It Together.  I'm gonna go with Got It Together based purely on the Q Tip sample.  These are both super cool though and will probably getting a good run through on my cdjs.






I was on my way to work today when I came across this sick new beat out of Belgium by Starski.  Starski is a veteran DJ based out of Belgium who happens to also be one of the founding members of The Subs.  I guess he's decided to go on a bit of a solo mission since leaving them in 2008 and has produced a real solid EP due out any day now(I don't have the date and couldn't find it listed anywhere). I've also made an observation that Belgium produces an absurd amount of talented electro/house producers considering there are only approximately 11 million Belgians. The Bart B More remix of this is real epic, but don't let that take anything away from the original as it is also a great party jam.  Jamie Fanatic has a remix here to follow up his recent release on T&A which you should check out if you already haven't.

On a totally separate note Wednesday is quickly becoming one of my favorite days of the week.  Yes this would seem odd to most, but I'm not kidding.  Every Wednesday, Teki & Orgasmic drop their massive Sound Pellegrino podcast.  This weeks was nothing short of epic and I haven't given it the full attention that it deserves.   This weeks episode was featuring Brodinski in a real classy interview between two french guys in English.  They dropped a track off Noob's upcoming EP remixed by Teki & Para One, a mystery track that probably won't remain a mystery for much longer, this really cool track by Luca Lozano that I'm going to post tomorrow and heaps more.  I don't really normally use itunes for much, mostly Beatport & Juno but this is a really cool podcast, if you dig my sound you will love the podcast.  

Starski - Sunstruck (Bart B More remix) by BMKLTSCH RCRDS

Starski - Sunstruck (Jaimie Fanatic remix) by BMKLTSCH RCRDS

Starski - SunStruck (BMKLTSCH records) by STARSKI sound



Dark & Stormy

When one thinks of Boston, dance music is generally the last thing on anyones mind.  When I think of Boston, I generally think of leprechauns and beer.  Dark & Stormy is a tech house project out of Boston with a solid tech sound.  Check out his SoundCloud page for a free download of newly released Yo Soy Sexy.  I also included another solid tech track from Danny Daze featuring Louisahhh you should check out with a real nice groove.  I had to include one non tech track.  I've been going on about Mumbai Science lately, they've really taken it up a notch with Their Antigalactic remix.  Turn down the suck knob & turn up the sweet. This remix reminds me a little of early Chemical Brothers.  

Yo Soy Sexy ( Tech House Club Mix ) by DARK & STORMY


Danny Daze & Zarate - Honey ft Louisahhh!!! by Danny Daze

Mixhell - Antigalactic (Mumbai Science Remix) by Boysnoize Records



Chief, what do you think?

New Jesse Rose out March 14th, Round Table Knights remix is da bomb.  This Indian Chief agrees.  The Chief also believes that Prince Club EP is pretty epic right now.  Haven't posted anything from Poka in a while so I thought I would share his latest work.  City Groove is very groovy, ya dig?

MTP037 Jesse Rose - Non-Stop (Round Table Knights remix) by Made to Play

SNATCH012 Prince Club - I Know [Exclusive Free Download]  by SnatchRecords
free download here

Kim English meets Tom Blacksoul Jozsef Keller and Pete R Blacksoul Original Mix by Strictly Rhythm

City Groove by poka



Lil Joker

So I really worked my ass off this weekend and am so exhaustomondo.  I haven't really had the time to go through some new releases so I've decided to go through my blog roll real quick and pick some of my favourite tracks.  Google reader changed my life a year or so ago when I was able to follow hundreds of great blogs with one site.  If you do follow several blogs but have never tried google reader I really recommend it. 

Breakdown - Zwiggy by Breakdown

Teenage Mutants & Stereophil - Cha Cha (Jan Driver Remix) by FutureFlashs & KIEZ BEATS

Party Motion - Smalltown Romeo by SMALLTOWN ROMEO

Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat (Original Mix ) by Odines


Bronco by TOP BILLIN

SNATCH012 02. Mr. Freeze - Prince Club Snatch012 (96Kbps Snippet) by SnatchRecords

Check these out if you got time :)




Yeah Baby

I was browsing for some fresh remixes of retro classics for my repertoire and came across a couple that I most certainly dig.  Well I like them enough to share them with you, but I'm not sure if I'll actually buy any of them yet.   What do you think?

Ray Charles - Hit the Road Jack (ThE LoOse CanNonS ReMiX) by GovtRecords

Diva & Jones - Thriller (David Jones Mix) by davidjonesdj

Richard Dinsdale - Dj, You've Got My Love - Toolroom Records by toolroomrecords



Music to be Murdered by

Little mix of some older stuff with some newer stuff for my friends today.  I hope that the Mumbai Science remix of the Jaymo & Andry George track comes out eventually as it is stellar but this Thomas Gandey remix ain't too shabby either.  I was real into this I Got Deep edit, reminded me of the fat boy days way back.  I'm thinking that I might have to put together my own compilation of tracks I would want to be murdered too. Not that I have any intention to getting murdered, but just incase I was ever in a situation where someone was going to murder me I would want to pull out my phone and be like dude, can we listen to this before/while you shoot me in the head.  It might be a good way to buy some time for someone to save me too.  Not really sure if I would want it to sound dark, or if I would want to play some of my favorite songs that would sound glorious or even play something that might possibly change my murders mood.  A Chilly Gonzales intro followed by The Dozens by Fake Blood would probably make the cut either way.  What would you want to be playing while being murdered if you could choose?

DJ Le Roi feat. Roland Clark - I Get Deep by djleroi

Jaymo & Andy George 'Hold Me Back' - Thomas Gandey Remix by wearemachinemusic

How To Dress Well - ready for the world (xxxy re-edit) by xxxy

AutoErotique - Freak (Meati & Meech Remix) [DIM MAK] by Meati & Meech

04. World Class Driver by Felix Cartal



High Powered Boys

How would you say "When it rains, it pours" but in a good way?  I'm not sure but I don know today it is pouring some serious beats.  High Powered Boys EP dropped a preview on the Sound Pellegrino SoundCloud page.  Make sure you buy this and support these guys when it drops on March 14th.  For those of you who have never heard of the High Powered Boys, it is a collaboration between Surkin & Bobmo, two very young producers with an EP that will for sure be in a lot of peoples top 10's at the end of this year.  I'm kind of curious if they go by the name of High Powered Boys because they only producer when they are high, and it gives them super human producing abilities?

HIGH POWERED BOYS — Udon by soundpellegrino

HIGH POWERED BOYS — Work by soundpellegrino

HIGH POWERED BOYS — Udon (Julio Bashmore sax-dub) by soundpellegrino

HIGH POWERED BOYS — Work (Tom Trago) by soundpellegrino



Bubbelgum!  Solid release, out yesterday on Palms Out Sounds.

Bubbelgum (Original Mix) by Palms Out Sounds

Bubbelgum (Sam Tiba Remix) by Palms Out Sounds

Bubbelgum (Carli's 100mph Remix) by Palms Out Sounds



Funky Monkey

Funky Monkey by Twist It. from Narco Media Vision / NARCOTV on Vimeo.

Monkey Knife Fight: A deadly fight that occurs between two monkeys who have purchased knives . Although not compulsory, everyone gets kicks out of the monkeys being handcuffed together. Sometimes fought in international waters to avoid federal "No Monkey Knife Fighting" laws.

I've got a pile of music I wanted to get out to my peeps today but this EP preview is too epic to share it along with other music that is only good or average at best.  This is getting crazy amount of support right now and will be a Miami monster as far as tropical/bass/house music goes.  The original has been floating around for nearly a year but these remixes are fresh and coming at you on No Brainer Records(wicked awesome label) March 18th.  Every remix of the title track Funky Monkey has its own unique brilliance to it.  I think my vote for best remix has to goto Funkin Matt if your looking for mad club sound and Canblaster if you dig that weird and crazy shizzle.  Enjoy!

Twist It! - Funky Monkey (Original) (excerpt) by No Brainer Records

Twist It! - Funky Monkey (Funkin Matt Remix) (excerpt) by No Brainer Records

Twist It! - Funky Monkey (Camel Remix) (excerpt) by No Brainer Records

Twist It! - Funky Monkey (Canblaster Remix) (excerpt) by No Brainer Records