Warmer Sounds

Cold?  I am most certainly not in the southern hemisphere but for most of my mates back home this is probably not the case, so come out from the cold and warm up with some lovely music.  One of my all time favourite classics is Frankie Knuckles 'Your Love', make it your favourite so that we can be friends. Ok?  I  forgot all about this song for a little while but then it appeared in my Facebook news feed this morning and it was found again.  I'm going to make my New Years resolution to make a conscious effort to not forget about the classics and play more retro tracks at home.  I feel like this is a goal that is attainable as opposed to running a half marathon or cutting back on my drinking.  Plus my girlfriend  ZoĆ« will love me more (if this is even possible because we have sooooo much love). If anything it will cut back on the amount of time I make her suffer listening to some brutal moombahton tracks.  Happy Tuesday people, enjoy!