I haven't checked in on Lil Silva in a while, probably since his Night Slugs release but he's done a really nice job producing this track for Azealia Banks that is pretty bump n'.  In other news, Blasé Boys Club is a new label from Duke Dumont that has it's first schedule release featuring some sweet Vocals from ft. A*M*E.   I also really dig the non techno/dance edit of 'Rambling Man by G.Rag & Die Landlergschwister' that I discovered on a cool podcast for Montreal's igloofest by 'Schlachthofbronx'. This 'Hank Down' Remix has a little je ne sais quoin to it, a bit of a  minimalist/acidy feel. Have a listen and let it play all the way through and maybe you'll see what I mean or not, either way were good.